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Tiny Metallic Gold Balls found in Mexican Temple

A bunch of metallic spheres covered in “fools gold” (pyrite) were found in Teotihuacan, Mexico recently stirring a flurry of speculation as to why anyone would need so many tiny gold balls.


For now the only people who can get into the section hidden within the Mexican temple are robots so we are gonna have to wait if we want to join the party. There is speculation as to how many other things might be buried within these vaults as they were purposely sealed off and keeping it safe from jerk tomb robbers who probably just wanted something to eat after the Mayan Apocalypse so give them a break,


For all we know there could be a sacred king or that one guy wearing a space helmet they show in all the Ancient Aliens episodes. Either way it’s an interesting find. Read more here and then read more again on Discovery even though their toolbar is something out of a web design horror film.